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We are a successful owner-run technology company which, over the past 45 years, has become a leading partner to the machine tools industry all over the world. With a team of around 250 employees, we passionately work to provide our customers with excellent solutions every day.

We maintain a culture of excellence in line with the quality standards of our products and services. Therefore, people who work at OTT-JAKOB demonstrate team spirit and initiative – and a determination to drive the company forwards.

As one of the biggest employers in the region, we provide secure jobs in a wide range of professions and for decades have trained young people. An extremely low staff turnover rate and the high number of long-time employees confirm the attractiveness of OTT-JAKOB as an employer.

What distinguishes
us from other companies

Equal opportunities and diversity
The employees of OTT-JAKOB work in a wide range of professional groups. The mixture is as colourful as is to be expected in our globalised world. It goes without saying that we treat every member of staff equally and offer them the same opportunities regardless of their background, age or sex. In particular, we strive towards a mixed age structure and increased numbers of women in technical fields.

Customer orientation
Our customers define the success of our company. The customer is at the centre of everything we do, and the results of our actions must be evaluated in terms of customer value.

In order to remain successful in the long term, we must be able to adjust to new requirements quickly and flexibly. We therefore see change as an opportunity and the ability to change as a prerequisite to seizing these opportunities.

Our employees
Companies are made by their employees. Our employees are the greatest factor behind our success. This is why decisions affecting employees are some of the most important we make. Our employees work autonomously and on their own responsibility in a cooperative management environment with flat hierarchies.

Work–life balance
We place great value on flexible working hours which allow us to work more or fewer hours per month as part of a flexitime scheme and convert remaining working hours into wages or holidays. A healthy work–life balance is important to us. It keeps our employees motivated and productive in the long term and contributes to the success of our company.

Secure jobs in a family-run company
OTT-JAKOB is a 100% family-run company with tradition at its heart. As an independent company, our plans and actions always reflect our long-term goals. Our company stands for secure jobs and trustful cooperation based on fairness and personal esteem.

OTT-JAKOB is a highly specialised technology company. Expertise and personal development are fundamental here. For decades, OTT-JAKOB has been training young people and paving the way for them to advance their training. As with new recruits, we offer our long-standing employees new outlooks by challenging and supporting them with personalised advanced training.

Live and work
where others go on holiday!

Lengenwang is situated in the Bavarian and Swabian district of Ostallgäu. Here, on the Buchloe-Füssen railway line, lies the headquarters of OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH.

Despite its peaceful location, Lengenwang enjoys good transport connections. The community has its own train station which is located just a few metres away from our premises. You can travel here by car on the A 7 autobahn or along the B 12 main road from Munich.

The Allgäu landscape at the feet of the Alps has an extraordinarily high recreational value and is a popular holiday destination all year round. In summer, you can set off into the countryside on the region’s numerous cycling paths and walking routes and enjoy the idyllic lake district. In winter, it is the place to be for skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers.

People with families in particular enjoy living in the Allgäu region due to its high quality of life. With the low cost of living, Lengenwang provides an optimal balance between work and affordable living.

If you cannot live without the advantages of major cities, you will enjoy the good connections to urban areas. For example, Munich is just one hour away by car.


Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics specialising in equipment technology and precision engineering are responsible for manufacturing tool clamping systems at OTT-JAKOB. During training, our young recruits learn how to produce individual parts manually and on a machine and how to assemble components. In our internal training workshop, they are taught the necessary basic manual skills and the basics of turning, milling, mounting and quality assurance. Following their basic training, the apprentices are integrated into the various divisions where they assist with everyday business in order to familiarise themselves with the cutting-edge machine outfit of our company.

Personal requirements:
  • An interest in and understanding of technology
  • An interest in using machines
  • Manual skills
  • Keen perception
  • Willingness to learn
  • Spatial sense
  • Ability to work in a team

Academic qualifications:
Qualifying secondary school certificate or secondary school-leaving certificate

The training process:
The training will be provided in a dual system. The theoretical part will take place one to two days per week at the vocational school Staatliche Berufsschule Kaufbeuren and the practical training will be provided at our headquarters in Lengenwang.

Main fields of training:
  • Training workshop
  • Turning shop
  • Milling shop
  • Grinding shop
  • Assembly
  • Service
  • Interim storage

Duration of training:
3.5 years, or less with exceptional performance

Industrial mechanic

Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks are all-round experts in commerce who can work in any area of operation at OTT-JAKOB. During their three-year professional training course, our apprentices will pass through all classic commercial departments and get to know our operating procedures through practice. Our well-equipped offices feature all the necessary office communication systems and professional software (MS Office, ERP system) for them to carry out their various tasks.

Personal requirements:
  • Interest in commercial processes
  • Social disposition
  • Ability to express yourself confidently
  • Keen perception
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Approachable, well-groomed appearance
  • Ability to work in a team

Academic qualifications:
Secondary school-leaving certificate or higher

The training process:
The training will be provided in a dual system. The theoretical part will take place one to two days per week at the vocational school Staatliche Berufsschule Kaufbeuren and the practical training will be provided at our headquarters in Lengenwang.

Main fields of training:
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping and controlling
  • Disposition and job preparation
  • Human resources
  • Specialised work within the department

Duration of training:
3 years, or less with exceptional performance

Industrial clerk
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Training workshop

Our internal training workshop is at the heart of commercial and technical training at OTT-JAKOB. Industrial mechanics receive practical training here.

Our 14 apprentices are currently being professionally supervised by two qualified and experienced trainers. As the training workshop is separate from the production areas, the apprentices are free to learn the basics of metalworking without interruption. The apprentices learn how to use production machines on two CNC turning machines and a CNC milling centre.

With our training workshop, we are able to provide modern, practical training which quickly introduces the apprentices to the work they will be doing in the future as professionals. The training in the workshop is supplemented by placements in various divisions such as the milling and grinding shops and the assembly and service departments.

Likewise, school pupils and prospective students have the chance to participate in internships in our training workshop.


We are looking for engaged, qualified employees who share our passion for technology and innovation. Whether you have a professional career spanning several years or have just completed your apprenticeship or studies, please do not hesitate to respond to our current job advertisements.

We currently have no vacancies.

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