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Superior service

throughout the entire product life cycle

OTT-JAKOB is known not only for high-quality products, but also for its expert after-sales support. With our extensive range of services, we ensure that your products are fully functional and available. Our experienced team of qualified staff is ready to provide you with personalised advice and support.

Our services at a glance:

Express repairs
Spare parts
On-site service


Just give us a call
If you have any technical questions, please call our support hotline.

Our helpline is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In urgent cases, you can also contact our technicians outside of business hours at hotline(at)

OTT-JAKOB Helpline - Alexander Heupel

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -590
Alexander Heupel

OTT-JAKOB Helpline - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -580
Michael Adler


Just in case
The repair price is normally around 60% of the original price. We will immediately inform you if a repair is not cost-effective.

You will not be charged if your parts are scrapped on our premises. A flat rate of €50 will be charged for time and materials if we return components that have not been repaired.

You can find the prices for Power-Check calibrations here

Repair process:

  1. Carefully pack the defective components into a box.
  2. Enclose a delivery order with contact information (phone number or email address) and a description of the problem.
  3. For shipments from a non-EU country: in order to be able to ensure smooth importation, please be sure to send an e-mail to shipment(at), stating the OTT-JAKOB item number, before shipment.
  4. Send the parcel to the following address:

    OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH
    Industriestrasse 3 – 7
    D-87663 Lengenwang

  5. You will receive a quotation within one or two working days of the arrival of the goods. Delivery takes approximately two weeks following approval. The repair work includes the replacement of all wear parts and an extensive inspection of the functionality and safety of the modules. You will receive the full warranty for repaired components.
OTT-JAKOB Reparaturen - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -580
Michael Adler


If it cannot wait
We provide an express repair service for particularly urgent repairs.

Please call us in advance to let us know about your repair. If we receive the goods by 9 a.m., we will be able to ship them on the next working day.

Please contact us for information on costs for this premium service.

OTT-JAKOB Express - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -580
Michael Adler

Spare parts

It’s easy to order spare parts
You can also repair your clamping system yourself. You can order the necessary spare parts from our sales team by phone or email. Please have the ID or serial number of your clamping system or module to hand. This is normally located on the component. If you cannot find the numbers, please send us a photo and/or a detailed description of the component – we will then get in touch with you.

OTT-JAKOB Ersatzteile - Cornelia Rösch

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -420
Cornelia Rösch

OTT-JAKOB Ersatzteile - Silvia Jörg

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -440
Silvia Jörg

On-site service

Our expert service on-site
If necessary, our service technicians can also support you on-site. Please note that we can only provide this service for our own products. If necessary, please contact your spindle or machine manufacturer in advance.

Form to request a service technician, including price list.

Our on-site service includes:

  • Support with assembly and start-up
  • Troubleshooting and rectification
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Maintenance training

We would be happy to provide you with other services on request.

OTT-JAKOB Vor-Ort-Service - Alexander Heupel

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -590
Alexander Heupel

OTT-JAKOB Vor-Ort-Service - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -580
Michael Adler


OTT-JAKOB is usually only closed between Christmas and New Year.
No, OTT-JAKOB specialises exclusively in the production of tool clamping systems.
OTT-JAKOB clamping systems, including all key components (pulling head, clamping unit, rotary union and unclamp unit), are exclusively developed and produced at the company’s headquarters in Lengenwang (Germany).
No, we even produce single pieces.
OTT-JAKOB offers integrated spindle drawbars for the SK, HSK, PSC and KM4XTM interfaces.
OTT-JAKOB clamping systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications (milling, turning, grinding, multitasking machining).
In principle, OTT-JAKOB clamping systems are designed and manufactured for long-term use. However, the actual service life of each clamping system can only be estimated, as this depends to a large extent on the external influences and type of use.
Yes, depending on the design of the clamping system, there are (for example) sensors for monitoring the clamping position, the position of the release piston, the contact surface as well as leakage and temperature for the rotary union. Further information about our assistance systems can be found in the product section.
All our clamping systems are custom-made, i.e. standard clamping systems are not available. However, since we have already designed thousands of systems, we can often fall back on already existing ones. Our technical sales team will be happy to advise you and help you configure a clamping system based on your specific requirements.
Please use our enquiry form. This lists all the relevant data that our technical sales team needs in order to create a quotation or for a consultation session.
Yes, the development of custom special solutions is our particular strength. With more than 40 years’ experience of working with spindle and machine manufacturers, as well as our exclusive specialisation in the manufacture of tool clamping systems, we possess a wealth of experience in this field.
Due to the large number of clamping systems and rotary unions that we have developed over the years, we are unable to show all of them. For this reason, we only show a selection of our standard and special components. Please contact our technical sales team to request any specific information.
Serial numbers can be found on all pulling heads, sealing bushings, rotary unions and unclamping units. Our pull force measurement devices Power-Check 2 and Power-Check Magazine are also marked with a serial number.
All our clamping systems are usually marked with a serial number and article number on the head of the drawbar shaft. OTT-JAKOB article numbers usually start with “95” and consist of at least ten characters.
Yes, we offer a number of mounting aids: mounting sleeves for mounting the seal on the drawbar shaft, assembly tools for mounting HSK gripper segments, mounting pliers for the snap ring of the sealing bushings, as well as a dismounting tool for sealing bushings.
Yes, in addition to the pull force measurement devices Power-Check 2 and Power-Check Magazine, we also offer measuring devices for the spindle edge of your HSK/SK spindle.
Since it is a measuring device, we recommend performing a calibration once a year. To do so, send the device to our service department.
Yes, on request, a service technician can be assigned to assist you during commissioning and to answer any questions from your operating personnel. For further details, please contact our service team.
Yes, we offer training for your assembly and service personnel on use of OTT-JAKOB clamping systems. For further details, please contact our service team.
Yes, our technical sales team will gladly provide an interesting contribution for you and your guests. Please contact our sales team to discuss the details.
OTT-JAKOB clamping systems are synonymous with longevity. Repairs can even be carried out after many years of continuous operation. Learn more.
OTT-JAKOB clamping systems are designed for long-term use. Our repair service is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new component. Learn more.
Our spare parts service is available if you would like to repair your clamping system yourself. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Due to the longevity of our clamping systems, it is important to us that spare parts are available for the long term. In some cases, we can still supply parts decades later. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Data sheets, product information and instructions for our standard components are available for download from our Infothek. After registering for free, you will have access to more than 400 sources of product-specific information. If you cannot find the documents you are looking for in our Infothek, please contact our sales team.
By default, instructions are available in German and English. Should you need another language, we will be glad to provide a quotation (subject to review).

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You can download all important documentation relating to OTT-JAKOB products from our Infothek. From data sheets and product information to instructions – after registering, you will have access to more than 400 sources of product-specific information.

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