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Superior service

throughout the entire product life cycle

OTT-JAKOB is known not only for high-quality products, but also for its expert after-sales support. With our extensive range of services, we ensure that your products are fully functional and available. Our experienced team of qualified staff is ready to provide you with personalised advice and support.

Our services at a glance:

Express repairs
Spare parts
On-site service


Just give us a call
If you have any technical questions, please call our support hotline.

Our helpline is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In urgent cases, you can also contact our technicians outside of business hours at

OTT-JAKOB Helpline - Alexander Heupel

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -59
Alexander Heupel

OTT-JAKOB Helpline - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -58
Michael Adler

Outside of business hours:


Just in case
The repair price is normally around 60% of the original price. We will immediately inform you if a repair is not cost-effective.

You will not be charged if your parts are scrapped on our premises. A flat rate of €50 will be charged for time and materials if we return components that have not been repaired.

You can find the prices for Power-Check calibrations here

Repair process:

  1. Carefully pack the defective components into a box.
  2. Enclose a delivery order with contact information (phone number or email address) and a description of the problem.
  3. Send the parcel to the following address:

    OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH
    Industriestrasse 3 – 7
    D-87663 Lengenwang

  4. You will receive a quotation within one or two working days of the arrival of the goods. Delivery takes approximately two weeks following approval. The repair work includes the replacement of all wear parts and an extensive inspection of the functionality and safety of the modules. You will receive the full warranty for repaired components.
OTT-JAKOB Reparaturen - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -58
Michael Adler


If it cannot wait
We provide an express repair service for particularly urgent repairs.

Please call us in advance to let us know about your repair. If we receive the goods by 9 a.m., we will be able to ship them on the next working day.

Please contact us for information on costs for this premium service.

OTT-JAKOB Express - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -58
Michael Adler

Spare parts

It’s easy to order spare parts
You can also repair your clamping system yourself. You can order the necessary spare parts from our sales team by phone or email. Please have the ID or serial number of your clamping system or module to hand. This is normally located on the component. If you cannot find the numbers, please send us a photo and/or a detailed description of the component – we will then get in touch with you.

OTT-JAKOB Ersatzteile - Cornelia Rösch

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -42
Cornelia Rösch

OTT-JAKOB Ersatzteile - Silvia Jörg

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -44
Silvia Jörg

On-site service

Our expert service on-site
If necessary, our service technicians can also support you on-site. Please note that we can only provide this service for our own products. If necessary, please contact your spindle or machine manufacturer in advance.

Form to request a service technician, including price list.

Our on-site service includes:

  • Support with assembly and start-up
  • Troubleshooting and rectification
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Maintenance training

We would be happy to provide you with other services on request.

OTT-JAKOB Vor-Ort-Service - Alexander Heupel

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -59
Alexander Heupel

OTT-JAKOB Vor-Ort-Service - Michael Adler

+49 83 64 / 98 21 -58
Michael Adler

Outside of business hours: