Trust is good. Measuring is better.

In machine tool technology, monitoring pull-in force as part of quality assurance is essential in order to guarantee consistently precise machining results. Reduced clamping force can have a long-term impact:

  • Poor surface quality due to vibrations
  • Increased tool wear and shorter tool life spans
  • Spindle taper corrosion caused by micro-movements
  • Tool breakage
  • Machine downtime
  • Risk of injury to the machine operator
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Power-Check 2

OTT-JAKOB Power-Check 2 is a testing device which measures the pull force of clamping systems. Four basic versions of the device are available, ensuring optimal measurement precision for every interface.

OTT-JAKOB - Power-Check - Technische Daten - <strong>Power-Check 2</strong>
OTT-JAKOB - Power-Check - Technische Daten - <strong>Power-Check 2</strong>

OTT-JAKOB has the right exchangeable adapter for all common tool interfaces. The product range also includes adapters with gripper grooves which make it possible to automatically switch in the tool from the magazine position. The Power-Check 2 can store up to 4,000 data sets which can easily be read out over a USB interface using the software supplied with the system.

Download Power-Check Software

The built-in adjustable sleeve allows the user to account for tool tolerances during the measurement process. At the same time, this function can also be used to simulate the minimum and maximum tolerances of tools required to program the clamping system position monitor.


Fully automated pull-in force measurement – with the Power-Check Magazine
The Power-Check Magazine is a cost-effective solution from OTT-JAKOB which is designed to check pull force. The measurements are sent to the RS485 bus antenna over a wireless connection. This characteristic makes the device ideal for taking measurements in inaccessible machines and for automation in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Unlike Power-Check 2, the Power-Check Magazine adapter is not exchangeable. The device is delivered as a single unit. The excellent two-year battery life and its capacity for up to 30,000 measurements are the reason for its excellent longevity. The protective case with IP67 rating ensures that the Power-Check Magazine functions reliably even in the most challenging conditions.

OTT-JAKOB - Power-Check - Power Check Magazin - <strong>Power-Check</strong> <br>Magazine


Optimal data transfer solutions

RS485 bus antenna

The RS485 bus antenna from OTT-JAKOB was designed to regularly monitor clamping force. It receives measurements from the Power-Check Magazine device. When connected to the machine control system, it can automatically process the data it receives. It can read out values in both digital and analogue format.

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