The hollow-shaft taper has proven itself after spending many years in use and is now an established manual tool-clamping interface as well. With the QCS and ACS manual clamping units as well as the QCG and QCF mounting groups, our range delivers solutions for static and rotating applications alike.

QCS manual clamping unit

HSK has already become a standard interface in rotating processes. To make it possible to use it in static operations in turning machines, OTT-JAKOB – inspired after joining the HSK-T working group – developed the QCS manual clamping unit.

The quick-change clamping system (QCS), designed especially for manual quick changes with HSK holders, is compatible with all HSK standards (A, B, E, F, T). It is not necessary to change the turret. The generation of force through Archimedean spirals produces a self-locking effect. Easy to operate with a spanner, it guarantees quick and easy tool changes. QCS can be used with and without coolant.

It is particularly effective if combined with an HSK-T tool and an HSK-T holder. This is due to the high positioning accuracy resulting from the limited tolerance of the HSK-T driver grooves.

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QCG mounting group

The QCG mounting group consists of the QCS clamping unit and a flange for common HSK sizes. The challenging HSK inside contour is already present.

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QCF mounting group

The QCF mounting group comprises the QCS clamping unit and a universal flange that is compatible with all conventional HSK standards. QCF is designed for use in rotating applications.

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ACS manual clamping unit

The ACS axial clamp from OTT-JAKOB was developed for use in rotating processes. It actuates on an axis which makes ACS the ideal clamping unit for grinding applications.

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