Steep taper

The proven
tool interface solution

The steep taper is the original tool interface and continues to see frequent use in the machine tool industry. Steep taper technology has proven itself for decades and, in spite of the increasingly widespread use of HSK interfaces, remains a practical solution for standard machine tools.

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The advantages:

Universal spindle contour
Thanks to the spindle inside contour developed by OTT-JAKOB, various standards of tool can be used in the same spindle. The universal spindle contour is compatible with all conventional tool standards.

  • DIN 2080 (OTT-Rille)
  • DIN 69871/69872 (ISO 7388/1/2 Type A)
  • ANSI B5.50-1978 (ISO 7388/1/2 Type B)
  • MAS 403-1982 BT/PT1 (45°)
  • MAS 403-1982 BT/PT2 (30°)

Force intensifying mechanism
OTT-JAKOB steep taper clamping systems feature a force intensifying mechanism which increases the force of the spring. The protected, maintenance-free position of the force intensifying mechanism at the back of the spindle shaft ensures reliable functionality over the entire life span of the clamping system.

Power drawbars have the following advantages over spring drawbars:

  • High pull-in forces and compact dimensions
  • Lower release forces, which results in less spindle bearing load and the opportunity to use smaller unclamping units
  • Easier to balance due to smaller masses
  • Self-locking effectively prevents frictional corrosion and vibration damage to the spindle taper



With the inside spindle drawbar, the force intensifying mechanism is in a cylinder behind the spindle shaft. Due to the position of the gearing, the position of the clamping system can be monitored with ease. The ES configuration is suitable for applications involving spindle speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

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In order to ensure that our steep taper clamping systems can also be used at higher speeds, the structure of the spindle integrated drawbar was kept as compact as possible by the force intensifying mechanism built into the spindle shaft. This allows for rotation speeds far higher than 10,000 rpm.

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