Unclamping units

A wide range of solutions with
varying clamping force

OTT-JAKOB clamping systems work through spring force. External force is therefore required in order to unclamp the clamping systems and release the tool. Our wide range of products has a comprehensive selection of unclamping units in three variants:

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric

The necessary amount of actuating force depends on the size and technical specifications of the clamping system. In order to reach an optimal compromise between size and necessary release pressure for all clamping systems, our unclamping units are available in several sizes.

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Configuration options

Bearing relief
Depending on the type, our unclamping units are available with spindle bearing relief. The intelligent actuating mechanism with grippers minimises the spindle load, which contributes to significantly lengthening the life span of the spindle bearing.

Holder for GD rotary unions
OTT-JAKOB unclamping units are suitable for holding GD rotary unions

Signal ring monitor
Selected variants can be equipped with a signal ring monitor. This allows the user to precisely define the clamping statuses ‘Unclamped’, ‘Tool clamped’ and ‘Clamped without tool’. The unclamping units feature extended grippers in order that the signal ring connected to the pulling head can be reached by a proximity sensor.

msuElectronic position monitor
Numerous OTT-JAKOB unclamping units meet the requirements for the integration of the OTT-JAKOB multisensor system, which can monitor the exact position of the clamping system in analogue or digital format, the position of the unclamping piston and the leakage quantity and transfer them to the machine control system.

msuPiston monitoring and distance measurement system
The sensor system MSU can optionally be added to our unclamping units. This allows the user to identify the position of the release piston and drawbar shaft as well as leakage in the rotary union (optional).

Cleaning air connection
Many OTT-JAKOB unclamping units feature a connection for a separate cleaning air supply.

Unclamping units Hydraulic

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Unclamping units Pneumatic

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