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True success stories start in the Allgäu region – and new chapters are added all over the world: OTT-JAKOB considers itself an innovative company which puts the needs of its customers at the heart of everything it thinks and does. In this way, we can ensure the development of efficient, practical products which always meet our customers’ specific requirements.

By using OTT-JAKOB products, our customers can help improve their corporate success in the long term.

and their expertise
are what matters
most to us.

Our employees benefit from an extensive knowledge base which is the result of decades of experience with automatic tool clamping technology. Innovative ideas are implemented at cutting-edge 3D CAD workstations with the support of contemporary calculation software. For OTT-JAKOB, the professional use of high-tech production machines is a matter of course. Decades of experience and collaboration with leading machine and spindle manufacturers, as well as knowledge transfers with colleges and universities, serve to maximise our range of services.

OTT-JAKOB - Auf einen Blick - Bild 1
OTT-JAKOB - Auf einen Blick - Bild 1

Success through perfection.
Thanks to the groundbreaking developments made in recent decades, we now have a complete modular range with which several thousand tool clamping systems have been produced for HSK and steep tapers. Every day we develop new clamping systems and prepare them for mass production in our well-equipped testing area. In doing so, we set global standards for complete automatic tool clamping systems.

Its extensive expertise makes OTT-JAKOB one of the leading clamping technology producers in the world. Additionally, as a producer of complete tool clamping systems, we are actively working to develop and integrate intelligent monitoring systems. In doing so, we will fundamentally shape the next generation of automatic tool clamping systems. In this way, we can ensure that our high-quality products will continue to help our customers improve their long-term corporate success in the future.



OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH

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Frank Jakob


253 (December 2019)

Field of business

Tool clamping technology

Since 1993 OTT-JAKOB has been part of the JAKOB Group, a group of six medium-sized companies.

You can find more information on the JAKOB Group at:

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is a tradition

The story of OTT-JAKOB started in 1873, when Albert Ott founded an institute of mathematics and mechanics in Kempten. Taking part in the world’s fairs in Melbourne in 1880 and Chicago in 1893, Albert Ott was ahead of his time in demonstrating that opening up global markets was a key factor of sustainable growth. In 1974 the company developed the first power drawbar, and new chapters have been added to its success story ever since.

To the milestones


We do not see quality as a standard, but rather as a lifelong promise

OTT-JAKOB has set itself the goal of delivering top technology from the Allgäu region every day. This is why we strive to always manufacture high-quality technical products which meet the requirements of our customers.

Our company policy includes the following quality assurance principles:

  • We guarantee high quality out of the box by subjecting our components to thorough final tests in line with practical internal guidelines.
  • The quality standards are set by our customers.
  • Quality also means correctly and punctually processing enquiries, offers, jobs, etc.
  • Quality, punctual deliveries and competitiveness are criteria by which we want to be judged.
  • Every employee is bound to the quality targets of OTT-JAKOB and motivated to carry out his/her work correctly from the outset. This cuts costs and improves quality.
  • Every employee is called on to continuously improve and optimise quality.
  • In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, we impose similarly high quality standards on our suppliers. We are happy to support our suppliers to help them meet these quality standards.
  • It goes without saying that we adhere to laws, guidelines and any binding standards.

Environmental management is based on the following principles:

  • We undertake to develop and manufacture our products responsibly and to use our resources efficiently.
  • We strive to avoid hazardous substances.
  • Every employee is obliged to use consumables sparingly.
  • We base our actions on the statutory environmental protection regulations, guidelines and our customers’ requirements.
  • Our efforts are necessary in order to continuously improve environmental protection and health and safety.


Internship at OTT-JAKOB

Practical experience is an essential component for personal development in a technical profession. That is why OTT-JAKOB offers internships for students. Currently, Mark Winkler, a student in the 6th semester of mechatronics at the FHV – Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is working in our development department as part of his bachelor’s thesis. In this short interview he gives an insight into his everyday life at OTT-JAKOB.

How did you come to do an internship at OTT-JAKOB?

My university professor, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bonerz, works at OTT-JAKOB. He had offered me to work on a system for electrical energy generation for rotating components as part of my bachelor’s thesis. I liked this suggestion very much, as the topic is a great practical addition to my studies.

How long have you been with OTT-JAKOB and how long is your internship in total?

I started in the middle of January. I expect to be with the company for four months.

Dornbirn and Lengenwang are more than 100 kilometres apart. How does that work organisationally?

The best thing is that OTT-JAKOB has already organised everything for me in advance. In addition to a salary, the company provides me with a hotel room during my working days. I can also work on part of the bachelor thesis in my home office.

OTT-JAKOB is a family-run, medium-sized company that can certainly be described as a hidden champion in mechanical engineering. What is the attraction of doing an internship here and not at one of the well-known companies?

I think that is precisely the advantage at OTT-JAKOB. The hierarchies are very flat and you quickly come into contact with colleagues from other departments. You also get to talk to department heads quickly here. The personal development opportunities at OTT-JAKOB are very broad. But there are also many benefits outside of the daily work routine. A fitness studio on the company premises is available to all employees free of charge. In addition, the rural location in Lengenwang is ideal for those who do not want to live in a big city. After all, it is not without reason that the Allgäu is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany.

How exactly does your work on the project proceed?

I am developing a self-sufficient energy supply for a microcontroller including a temperature sensor. The energy is to be provided in a rotating shaft. The task is to develop a concept with which energy can be obtained from the rotary motion of a mechanical component. This energy is then used to supply the microelectronics.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Most of the development takes place at my desk. I create Matlab simulations, dimension components, design electrical circuits and a test station. The most important tool is a CAD design programme. When the theoretical part is finished, I go to the workshop to compare the simulated values with the measured results.

What do you particularly like about your internship?

The fact that I constantly have to solve new technical problems. Sometimes I spend hours fretting over a problem until I finally find the right solution. The subsequent sense of achievement is then all the greater. In addition, I can acquire a lot of knowledge and new skills in dealing with the software used.

What tips would you give to other students who want to do a technical internship?

In general, I can recommend working analytically and systematically. It helps to have a look at the problem, to divide the problem into subtasks and to write down the tasks. Furthermore, it is important to regularly check and question your progress.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Internship at OTT-JAKOB

Christmas donation 2022

OTT-JAKOB donates to Doctors without Borders and regional associations

The employees of OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH in Lengenwangen demonstrated creativity and team spirit in this year’s Christmas campaign. As in previous years, OTT-JAKOB created photo calendars for 2023. In return for donations, these are sent to sales partners who give the calendars to their customers free of charge at Christmas.

A total of 1550 calendars were printed, 760 of which will go to international agencies and business partners. Thus, the Allgäu mountains will adorn the walls of hundreds of offices and households around the world for twelve months – from Japan to the USA.

For every calendar ordered, the foreign representatives will donate one euro. “We let our representatives and partners vote on which aid organisation should benefit from the donations. With a large majority, the decision was made to give the money to Doctors Without Borders,” Managing Director Frank Jakob is pleased about the lively participation in the fundraising campaign. “We doubled the amount collected from our own budget. Thus, OTT-JAKOB supports the work of Doctors Without Borders with a proud 1820 euros”, says the owner of the family business.

The impressive mountain motifs for the calendar in DIN A3 format were photographed by the employees themselves and submitted as part of an internal company competition. “Our location in Lengenwang is only a few minutes away from the Alps. So it’s only natural that many of our employees like to spend their free time in the mountains,” says Jakob.

This year, the Hospizverein Kempten-Oberallgäu e.V., the Kinderbrücke Allgäu e.V. and the Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder Allgäu e.V. will also be receiving donations. With this support, OTT-JAKOB once again demonstrates its great commitment to people in need in the region.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Christmas donation 2022

Certified Quality management

As a provider of high-end clamping technology solutions, OTT-JAKOB has established a sustaining quality culture. CIP processes are firmly anchored in everyday life and are consistently implemented along the entire value chain. The introduction of a quality management system according to ISO 9001 now gives an official character to the previous efforts.

The certification process was successfully completed with the audit by TÜV SÜD in April. This is an important step for Managing Director Frank Jakob: “The permanent improvement of our product and service quality is one of our top corporate goals. An instilled ISO 9001 supports all employees and managers in carrying out their daily work to the satisfaction of our customers.”

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for corporate quality management. The aim of ISO 9001 is to optimise the quality of products, processes and services in companies and to increase productivity by streamlining existing work processes. Regular monitoring audits ensure conformity and continuous improvement.

The certificate is available for download here .

On the photo (from left): Alexander Pernaver (Manufacturing Director), Frank Jakob (Managing Director), Jürgen Stübiger (TÜV SÜD), Wolfgang Wenk (Head of Quality)

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Certified Quality management

Donation for Doctors Without Borders

In challenging times, it is especially important to think of the weaker members of society. For this reason, OTT-JAKOB is foregoing Christmas presents for its sales partners this year and is supporting a social project instead.

A joint donation initiative raised €1,900. The international sales partners contributed a total of €950. This sum was doubled by OTT-JAKOB.

The total amount will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. This organisation provides medical aid for people in need worldwide.

EMO highlights 2021

The focus of OTT-JAKOB’s EMO appearance was on the multifunctional unit MSU IO-Link compact and the new turret interface PTI.

Condition monitoring for smart networks
The multifunctional unit MSU IO-Link compact combines a hydraulic unclamping unit and single-passage rotary union in one compact assembly. In addition to the possibility of transferring cooling lubricant, the system has a sensor-based condition monitoring as a special feature. This enables the identification of the release piston position as well as the detection of temperature, stroke and leakage. The sensor technology used for this is pre-mounted in the unclamping unit and is IO-Link-compatible as standard.

Upgrade for the lathe turret
The new turret interface PTI (Polygonal Turning Interface) is the answer to the increased requirements in turning technology and the variety of interfaces on the market. Its unique features include high torsional and bending stiffness, above-average repeat accuracy and compatibility with other interfaces.

The quick clamping system developed by OTT-JAKOB for PTI enables a significant reduction in non-productive time. Tools are easily unclamped and clamped with a conventional torque spanner. Measuring cuts are no longer necessary, as the characteristic 8-fold polygon of PTI ensures micrometre-exact positioning. PTI is on the way to becoming an ISO standard. The international standardisation work has already begun. Since May 2021, PTI has also been in real production use for the first time at OTT-JAKOB.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - EMO highlights 2021

PTI on the way into practice

More difficult materials, higher machining forces, more complex component geometries, increased use of driven tools – machining has changed greatly and with it the requirements for turret interfaces. The innovative PTI interface was developed under the premise of meeting the increased expectations in turning technology and providing a generally valid industry solution through standardisation. With the first pilot, the system has now found its way into industrial use.

After the technical function and utility of PTI had been intensively investigated on the test bench and in practical machining tests on a Weisser turning centre at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University, the world’s first machine tool in a real production environment has now been equipped with the new interface. PTI has been in use in production at OTT-JAKOB since May 2021.

With PTI65 the largest of three available sizes, was installed in a DMG turning/milling centre. The machine is one of the most heavily utilised ones at the company’s plant. It runs in a 2-shift operation; a third unmanned shift will be added if required. OTT-JAKOB uses the machine to manufacture housings and flanges for its unclamping units, the production of which requires a high machining volume. The workpieces are turned and milled in a single work cycle. As a manufacturer of customised special solutions, OTT-JAKOB produces changing batch sizes between 20 and 400 pieces.

At present, only static tools are used. Tests with driven tools are planned for the future. Tools are clamped with the quick clamping system which has been developed by OTT-JAKOB as part of the PTI R&D project. Using a conventional torque spanner, tools can be changed easily and with little effort. In addition, the clamping system is the only turret clamping system on the market to date that also meets the requirements for automated tool changing. “A major advantage of the PTI interface is that the eight-sided polygon ensures µm-accurate positioning, resulting in high change and repeat accuracy. Manual alignment of the tools after changing is no longer necessary, which significantly reduces set-up times,” says Conrad Rösch, development engineer at OTT-JAKOB. Not only the polygons of the tool holders contribute to the high accuracy, but also the polygons of the flanges produced by OTT-JAKOB which are part of the company’s product range.

PTI is the result of a joint project between OTT-JAKOB and other industrial partners. The final goal is for the tool interface to become an ISO standard. The standard proposal for tool shank, tool receiver and coupling has already been submitted and the international standards work has been started (ISONP_5686-1, -2, -3).

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - PTI on the way into practice

Less plastic packaging

OTT-JAKOB introduces a new sustainable packaging for its HSK63 clamping units. The new packaging solution provides not only savings on plastic waste, but also on the amount of packing material in general.

With the previous packaging concept, the clamping unit components were shrink-wrapped and packed in plastic bags. For shipping the parts were then packed in a box with filling material. In future, there will only be one box, which will act as both product and shipping packaging.

Inside the box is a custom-made inlay that fixes the clamping unit components, thus offering optimal protection during transport. This also makes handling and in-house transport at the customer’s site more convenient, as the clamping unit and accessories can now be transported to the place of use in the original packaging.

The materials used are fully recyclable or biodegradable. The outer box can easily be disposed of in the waste paper container. The inlay is made of reinpapier®, which consists only of natural raw materials and is therefore 100 % compostable.

After a testing phase, OTT-JAKOB will examine the feasibility of the new packaging for other clamping unit sizes.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Less plastic packaging

New phone extension numbers

After the installation of a new telephone system, some OTT-JAKOB contacts can now be reached at a new extension number. Previously two-digit extension numbers are now three digits.

The new numbers of our contact persons in sales and service can be found under Contact and Service.

In a transition phase you can reach our sales and service department both under the previously valid phone numbers and the new extension numbers.

Our switchboard will continue to be available at +49 8364/9821 -0 and will be happy to forward you to your desired contact persons.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - New phone extension numbers

Smart networking with IO-Link and OTT-JAKOB

The integration of sensors into clamping systems has been one of OTT-JAKOB´s R&D focus areas for over 20 years. As a member of the IO-Link Consortium, with the multifunctional unit MSU IO-Link compact the company is now offering a monitoring solution with the new communication interface.

Multifunctional all-rounder
MSU IO-Link compact is a further development of the multi-sensor system MSU which has been available for OTT-JAKOB unclamping units since 2017. Consisting of a hydraulic unclamping unit incl. integrated clamping status sensor technology and a single-passage rotary union with permanently closed sealing surfaces, MSU IO-Link compact is a powerful all-in-one solution.

Extensive monitoring functions
In addition to the possibility of transferring coolant, the system also has a piston position sensing. This ensures that the release piston has no contact with rotating machine elements during machining. Furthermore, temperature, stroke and leakage can be monitored.

Various signal output options
The monitoring sensors are pre-mounted in the unclamping unit and IO-Link-compatible. This allows MSU IO-Link compact to be integrated into modern automation structures with little engineering effort. In addition, mechanical adjustment work is no longer necessary and installation can be carried out according to the plug & play principle. The measured values are transmitted via IO-Link as standard. Furthermore, data output is possible as an analogue (mA or V) or digital signal.

Ultra-compact design
By combining the unclamping unit and rotary union in one unit and due to the space-saving integration of the sensors, OTT-JAKOB is able to design extremely compact functional units. Within the scope of a customer project, a solution with an overall length of only 101 mm has already been successfully implemented.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Smart networking with IO-Link and OTT-JAKOB

OTT-JAKOB participates in Innovation Days in Tokyo

In November 2019 FUKUDA, the Japanese representation of OTT-JAKOB, hosted the FKD Innovation Days in Tokyo. 150 representatives of well-known Japanese companies of the machine tool industry informed themselves about current trends and developments in the field of condition monitoring and Industry 4.0 at the two-day event.

The supporting programme included presentations by FUKUDA partner companies from Europe and the USA. Prof. Dr. Brecher from WZL RWTH Aachen University was invited as keynote speaker. OTT-JAKOB accompanied the event with a presentation on drill tool breakage detection in the area of the rotary union by technology manager Dr. Stefan Bonerz.

The Innovation Days took place for the second time. The aim of the event is the exchange of expert knowledge between European and American component manufacturers and the design and development departments of the Japanese machine tool industry. FUKUDA also used the second edition of the Innovation Days as an opportunity to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB participates in Innovation Days in Tokyo

EMO Highlight 2019: The All-in-One Rotary Union 2KA-ME

The focus of this year’s EMO appearance of OTT-JAKOB was an all-in-one rotary union which combines three functions in one unit.

The 2KA-ME rotary union combines the proven dual-passage technology for hydraulic unclamping and integrated media transfer with state-of-the-art clamping condition sensors. The distance measurement system records the exact position of the drawbar shaft, from which the current tool position can be derived with high precision. An analog transmission of measured values (mA or V) is possible as well as an evaluation directly in the integrated electronics with output of the clamping states “unclamped”, “tool clamped” and “clamped without tool” in digital form.

Pre-assembled in the rotary union to save space, 2KA-ME represents a weight-reduced alternative to conventional solutions with signal rings. The monitoring function can be integrated in all OTT-JAKOB dual-passage rotary unions. The sensor system used is a tried and tested development by OTT-JAKOB, which has already proven its reliability in use in MSU unclamping units.

With 2KA-ME OTT-JAKOB offers a ready-to-use solution. The system can already be preconfigured during spindle production using the Windows application MSU Configurator. This facilitates on-site setup while avoiding configuration errors and increases service friendliness. There is no need for time-consuming mechanical adjustment work.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - EMO Highlight 2019: The All-in-One Rotary Union 2KA-ME

New: FAQ

Under “Service” in the menue, a list of the frequently asked questions is now available. Organised into the categories Our company, Products, Service and Information, the FAQs provide answers to the most important questions about OTT-JAKOB. Go to FAQ section.

The OTT-JAKOB sales team is always available to answer questions that are not answered in this section. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - New: FAQ


Regular checks of the tool pull force are essential, because the machining quality is fixed as soon as the tool is pulled into the spindle taper. If the clamping force required for this is insufficient, vibrations are likely to occur, which in turn will result in chatter marks on the surface of the workpiece.

With the Power-Check Magazine, OTT-JAKOB highlighted a high-precision testing device for checking the clamping force condition at its booth. Designed for permanent use in the tool magazine, the Power-Check Magazine has a gripper groove and a long-term battery, which enables a mains-independent operation for up to 30,000 measurements. Thanks to a self-activation mechanism, the measurement starts automatically during the exchanging process.

The Power-Check Magazine is available for all common sizes and variants of the interfaces SK, HSK, PSC and KM (KennametalTM). For data acquisition there are three options to choose from: the Power Monitor with a display, the USB radio stick to transmit the values to a PC and the RS485 bus antenna for data transfer to the machine control system. The latter offers special advantages with regard to data output. Since this is an in-house development of OTT-JAKOB, it is possible to integrate interfaces for an analog and/or digital output.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB at AMB 2018

OTT-JAKOB celebrates its 25th anniversary

March 1, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of OTT-JAKOB. On the occasion of this event, the company held a major anniversary celebration on September 14 and 16. Employees and former staff celebrated together with their families at the company headquarters in Lengenwang under the motto “When passion turns into performance”.

The celebrations began on Friday with a festive evening. After being welcomed by company founder Ludwig Jakob and managing director Frank Jakob, the more than 200 employees were surprised by a diverse supporting programme of show acts, hands-on activities and live music.

On Sunday the employees´ families were also invited to join the celebrations. On this day, the company grounds were transformed into a small amusement park with numerous attractions. In addition, the doors were open for a factory tour so that the families could take a look behind the scenes of the technology company.

The origins of OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH go back to the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics A. Ott, founded in 1873 in Kempten, which initially specialised in the manufacture of mathematical and hydrometric instruments. The product range was constantly developed further and extended to tool clamping systems in the 1970s. The clamping technology division was spun off 25 years ago and since then has operated as an independent company under the name OTT-JAKOB.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB celebrates its 25th anniversary

Power-Check Magazine wins silver

From September 10 to 15, the 32nd IMTS, the largest trade show for manufacturing technology in North America, will take place in Chicago. In the run-up to this year’s edition, the organisers arranged the IMTS Exhibitor Product Innovation Competition to recognise the most innovative exhibits. The winners were announced at the beginning of August. OTT-JAKOB took second place with the Power-Check Magazine pull force measuring device.

Numerous exhibitors had applied for the prize with their developments. A jury consisting of members of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) chose the three most innovative solutions. The entries were evaluated according to technical and economic criteria, including degree of technological innovation, cost efficiency and benefits for the industry, environment and society.

Designed for fully automated use in the tool magazine, Power-Check Magazine is predestined for integration in a Smart Factory environment. “The OTT-JAKOB Power-Check Magazine is a major step towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the field of production and helps to achieve highest quality standards.”, says Josef Greif, R & D Director at OTT-JAKOB.

Click here to watch the interview with IMTS TV.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Power-Check Magazine wins silver

Revolver interface pti with innovative clamping technology

The time has come for the market launch of the turret interface pti (polygonal turning interface) with the first size pti65. The REKUNORM project answers the last open questions in the development of pti. On May 8, about 50 experts met for an information event in Lengenwang at the headquarters of the clamping technology specialist OTT-JAKOB.

The REKUNORM project group, chaired by Dr. Dietrich Lembke, chairman of the DIN standards committee, presented the current state of development of the project. The main objectives of REKUNORM are the development of a uniform coupling for driven tools and the development of a standard proposal for shank, holder and coupling. While work on the coupling is still in progress, the two main parts of the future standard (shaft and holder) can already be submitted as a draft standard in October 2018 due to the advanced development work.

The project partners pursue independent development tasks in their respective fields and transfer the results into a joint standard proposal. The REKUNORM Group, consisting of OTT-JAKOB, the revolver manufacturer Sauter, the tool holder manufacturer WTO and the lathe manufacturer Weisser as well as the WZL of RWTH Aachen also presented the progress of the individual sub-projects in Lengenwang. The result is a tool interface with a planar system and an octagonal conical polygon shank (pti). After a first development project (REVOSIT) has already laid the foundations for the pti65 size, this has now been completed within the framework of a series and completed with pti54 and pti42 by two further sizes.

The objective of OTT-JAKOB is the development and production of a turret clamping system for quick change of tool holders with polygonal shank. With the introduced powerful pti clamping system, essential prerequisites have been created for the pti interface to find its way into industry.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Revolver interface pti with innovative clamping technology

25 years of OTT-JAKOB

The tool clamping system manufacturer OTT-JAKOB celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018. On March 1,1993, the tool clamping technology division of OTT-Maschinentechnik was spun off and integrated into the JAKOB Group by the father of today’s managing director Frank Jakob as an independent company under the name of OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik.

The roots of the family-owned company, which is located in the Allgäu region, go back to 1873, when Albert Ott founded an institute of mathematics and mechanics. The original core business was the production of mathematical and hydrometric instruments. The company entered the mechanical engineering sector in 1948 with the production of cross-winding machines for the textile industry.

In the early 1970s, the mechanical engineering sector was expanded to include machine tool technology and the company began producing tool changers and clamping systems. Today, OTT-JAKOB focuses exclusively on the development and manufacture of tool clamping systems and mechatronic monitoring solutions for machine tools and is one of the key players in this market worldwide.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - 25 years of OTT-JAKOB

Innovation award for digital force monitoring system

On 18 September, during the world’s leading metalworking exhibition EMO, the German MM MaschinenMarkt magazine has granted the MM Award for the sixth time. With the prize the magazine honoured the industry’s most innovative exhibits. In the category “clamping devices” JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH, a JAKOB Group company, was able to persuade the judges with its digital clamping force device “Force Monitoring System PAD” and take home the prize.

The award is also an acknowledgement of the innovativeness of JAKOB’s affiliated company OTT-JAKOB. As project partner, the tool clamping technology manufacturer has been decisively involved in engineering FMS PAD by developing the entire electronics for the novel monitoring system. The company was able to apply its many years of experiences in R&D projects in the field of sensor based monitoring technologies and transfer its know-how from tool clamping technology to workpiece clamping technology.

FMS PAD monitors the clamping force during all operating states at large machine tools and is an important step towards a connected production environment. “The award confirms that we are on the success track in terms of the Industry 4.0 machine tool with our new development”, said Dr. Arno Wörn, head of development at JAKOB Antriebstechnik. Together with Dr. Stefan Bonerz, technology manager at OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik, Mr. Wörn accepted the MM Award in Hanover.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Innovation award for digital force monitoring system

New service: online information library

OTT-JAKOB expands its range of services by adding a download center to its website. The Infothek is an information portal for customers offering free access to all important documents relating to OTT-JAKOB products.

More than 400 files are available for download, among them data sheets, instructions, videos and software. The majority of the files are in German and English. Selected documents are also available in other languages. All materials are neatly grouped into categories. An integrated search tool allows to search the Infothek by individual terms.

To use this service, registration is required:

1. Start registration process by clicking on LOGIN on the homepage.
2. Then click on NEW? REGISTER NOW.
3. Fill in the fields and confirm registration by clicking on REGISTER NOW.
4. Within two working days, you will receive an email containing a password.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - New service: online information library


With their multi-sensor unclamping unit, OTT-JAKOB showcased the latest addition to their portfolio in sensor-based assistance systems at the EMO Hanover. The sensor system introduced as MSU is an innovative Plug & Play Monitoring solution that groups up to three control functions into one unit: monitoring of the position of the drawbar shaft, detection of the position of the release piston and optimum leakage detection. MSU can be integrated into virtually all OTT-JAKOB unclamp units and be adapted to special solutions.

In the field of manual clamping technology OTT-JAKOB informed about the new research project REKUNORM which was launched for the EMO. REKUNORM is the follow-up project to REVOSIT, from which the standardised pti turret interface (polygonal turning interface) arose. As a result of the existing diversity of couplings on the market, the main objective of REKUNORM is to develop a standardised coupling for driven tools in turret lathes.

The Power-Check 2 pull-in-force measurement device has been design-optimised thanks to a number of further developments. Among the most important measures is the changed locking function of the adjusting sleeve that now operates without bores on the plane surface; this, in turn, enabled additional implementation of sealing of the sleeve and the force sensor. Due to the changes made, OTT-JAKOB has laid the foundations for achieving the IP67 protection class, which is, among other things, equivalent to protection against penetration of water when temporarily immersed.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB at EMO 2017

New product catalogue

The new OTT-JAKOB product catalogue offers comprehensive information on automatic tool clamping and serves as a tool for design engineers to plan their projects and configure a clamping system.

On 166 pages, OTT-JAKOB presents a selection of its wide range of products and as an expert in individual solutions, focuses on components for the most common applications. Following the modular setup of the clamping systems, the product section is structured into four main chapters: grippers, pulling heads, unclamping units and rotary unions. This is rounded off by selected reference clamping systems with corresponding sample applications and accessories.

The catalogue contains detailed technical specifications and order information, as well as dimension drawings. Tables provide an extensive overview of the wide range of products. An easy to grasp colour coding system ensures quick orientation. For the new edition of its catalogue, OTT-JAKOB has also developed a concept which gradually guides customers to the individual order code of their desired configuration.

The new OTT-JAKOB catalogue is available in German and English.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - New product catalogue

New Sales Director

On 1 June 2017, a change at the top of the OTT-JAKOB sales department will take place. The long-time Sales Director Hubert Sykora will retire after 47 years with the company. He will be followed by Hans Leidl.

With Leidl, the clamping technology specialist was able to acquire an experienced manager within the company’s own ranks as successor to Sykora. Having worked at OTT-JAKOB for 20 years, Leidl possesses in-depth knowledge of the company and industry. Since 1997 he has led the service team within the sales department and already has built a reputation among customers as a reliable and competent contact person.

From his new position, Hans Leidl will manage all global sales and service activities and report directly to the Managing Director. In the course of the personnel changes, the long-time sales representative Roland Theurer was appointed Deputy Head of Sales. Alexander Heupel, previous Deputy Head of Service, takes over the role of Head of Service.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - New Sales Director

OTT-JAKOB expands sales network in Russia

As an internationally operating company, OTT-JAKOB has built a network of qualified specialists over the years in order to ensure reliable service and optimal support on site. With Fischer Spindle Technology, the Allgäu based company managed to acquire another strong partner for the Russian market.

Located in Novosibirsk, Fischer Spindle Technology is a subsidiary of the Swiss spindle manufacturer Fischer AG, a long-time customer of OTT-JAKOB. The Siberian location was founded in 2010 as spindle service center of the Fischer Spindle Group AG.

Hubert Sykora (Sales Director) and Hans Leidl (Head of Service) have laid the foundation for the future cooperation with a trip to Novosibirsk. With an extensive training, Fischer Spindle Technology got prepared intensely for its upcoming tasks as a representation of OTT-JAKOB.

In addition to the existing contacts, Fischer Spindle Technology will be available from 1 January 2017 to advise Russian customers and prospects on the OTT-JAKOB product range.

FISCHER Spindle Technology
ul. Sofijskaya 16
630056 Novosibirsk

Contact: Mr. Anton Reshetnikov
Tel./Fax: +7 383 249 13 06
Mobile: +7 383 249 13 06
E-Mail: anton.reshetnikov(at)

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB expands sales network in Russia

OTT-JAKOB receives supplier award

In November, GF Machining Solutions, a division of the Swiss Georg Fischer Group, invited selected suppliers to the Supplier Day 2016 in Losone (CH). During the event, the company honoured its ten best suppliers in Europe.

The regularly conducted evaluation is based on a fixed catalogue of criteria, such as quality, innovation and adherence to schedules. OTT-JAKOB has succeeded outstandingly in meeting its customer´s requirements with its overall performance and was awarded “Top 10 Supplier 2016” in Losone.

The prize was accepted by Sales Director Hubert Sykora and Markus Homanner (Technical Sales). “The award is the result of the dedicated efforts of all employees at OTT-JAKOB and confirms that we deliver the highest level of workmanship. We not only view this award as recognition, but as motivation to expand the successful cooperation and our position as preferred partner.”, said Sykora.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB receives supplier award

IMTS and AMB – highlights of the exhibition year 2016

In September, OTT-JAKOB presented itself at two top-class events and had the chance to showcase its product solutions to an international audience. At IMTS in Chicago and AMB in Stuttgart, the company informed about its portfolio of products and services.

The “International exhibition for metal working” (AMB) ranks among the world’s leading exhibitions in the mechanical engineering industry. Around 90,000 visitors came to Stuttgart to catch up on the latest market trends. At the OTT-JAKOB booth everything revolved around automatic complete systems, manual clamping technology and intelligent condition monitoring technologies.

Besides a selection of the current product range, exhibits included a number of new innovations and further developments. This year’s AMB highlights were a clamping system equipped with a FRP spring, as well as the rotary union 2K-GDSD-CO2, which has been specifically designed for cryogenic machining. Furthermore, OTT-JAKOB introduced a complete system solution for the high-performance interface KM4XTM.

At the IMTS in Chicago, OTT-JAKOB was represented by its long-term partner AME, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. With about 2,000 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors, IMTS once more confirmed its status as the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - IMTS and AMB – highlights of the exhibition year 2016

OTT-JAKOB participates in “Berliner Runde” Debate 2016

For the eleventh time, the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management hosted the machine tool congress “Berliner Runde”. Around one hundred representatives from industry and science met for knowledge exchange on 3 and 4 March at the Berlin Center for Production Technology.

Participants had the chance to attend a top-class event featuring presentations by renowned speakers of the machine tools industry as well as a parallel held exhibition. Current and future developments in machine tool construction were presented on this year’s key topic “Sustainability, productivity and quality in the production through utilisation of sensors and actuators”.

OTT-JAKOB participated at the two-day event with a presentation on “Condition monitoring in motor spindles”. Technology Manager Dr Stefan Bonerz discussed how the use of sensor based monitoring systems helps to identify failure potential of clamping systems components early. Information on the complete product range of OTT-JAKOB was provided at the exhibition booth.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB participates in “Berliner Runde” Debate 2016

OTT-JAKOB takes part in Machining Innovations Conference

On 18 and 19 November, the 15th Machining Innovations Conference for Aerospace Industry (MIC) took place at the Hanover Centre for Production Technology. MIC is an internationally valued forum with more than 200 experts from science and industry participating each year.

The conference was hosted by the Machining Innovations Network e. V. in cooperation with the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools. Focus of the event have been presentations by speakers of renowned companies about current trends, experiences and research results on “Production technologies in aerospace Industry”.

Dr. Stefan Bonerz, Technology Manager at OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH, discussed the flush fitting control in his speech with the title “Monitoring the quality of tool clamping in the tool interface”. At the booth of the parallel running exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the OTT-JAKOB product range.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB takes part in Machining Innovations Conference

New YouTube Channel

Since 2010, OTT-JAKOB has been on YouTube with an own channel. After an extensive rebranding in July 2015, the company launched a new channel to adapt its YouTube appearance to the new corporate identity. The new channel replaces the former one and serves as an information platform for customers and prospects.

The recently created image film and a product video provide insight into the company and its portfolio. In future, product specific and user-oriented videos will follow.

OTT-JAKOB on YouTube

Technical innovations and new brand identity at EMO

The grand final of OTT-JAKOB´s exhibition year was the participation at the 2015 edition of the EMO in Milan, Italy. “Let’s build the future” was this year’s motto of the world’s leading metalworking fair, which attracted more than 155,000 visitors. OTT-JAKOB featured at its booth solutions for automatic and manual tool clamping as well as for Industry 4.0.

As a manufacturer of complete, automatic tool clamping units, the company placed special emphasis on the modularity of its clamping systems. The unique setup allows the combination of standard components with costumer-specific elements. Exhibits included the well-established interfaces SK, HSK and PSC (Coromant CAPTOTM), as well as the high performance interface KM4XTM, which was developed in exclusive collaboration with Kennametal. The manual clamping units of the series QCS for HSK and CTC / SVC for PSC have been on display, too.

In the field of the current industry’s key topic “Industrie 4.0”, OTT-JAKOB was showcasing its portfolio of assistance systems. With the development of intelligent monitoring technologies, the clamping technology specialist once again demonstrates its innovativeness. The product line built around the tool pull force device Power-Check 2 and the flange surface monitoring system PLANKO have been given special prominence at the booth.

The EMO was also the first public event, where OTT-JAKOB presented its new brand identity. After an extensive makeover, the company re-introduced the brand in July and uses the new visual appearance in all media since. The new slogan “Long-life Clamping Technology” concisely summarizes the essence of the brand.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Technical innovations and new brand identity at EMO


From 14 to 18 September, the engineering fair MSV took place in Brno (Czech Republic). The 57th edition of the leading industrial fair in Central Europe offered its more than 1,500 exhibitors once again an ideal platform to present their products to the international engineering industry.

At the joint booth with JAKOB Antriebstechnik, OTT-JAKOB and its Czech representative Číhal s.r.o. displayed a selection of tool clamping solutions. The company focused on its core competencies with exhibits from its automatic and manual tool clamping range.

Over the duration of the trade fair, the OTT-JAKOB booth was continuously well frequented. The mainly Czech visitors showed great interest in the modular set up of OTT-JAKOB clamping systems and the numerous configuration possibilities. Moreover, there has been noticed an increased demand for rotary unions.

As in previous years, the high density of top-class exhibitors resulted in excellent visitor attendance. Particularly positive about the 2015 edition of the MSV was the large number of end-users visiting the event.

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - OTT-JAKOB at MSV 2015

Development of innovative PLANKO technology

To ensure a high level of process reliability in machining, high-resolution sensors are necessary for monitoring the flange surface of the tool during rotation. These distance measurement sensors face a diverse and demanding range of requirements.

At EMO 2011, OTT-JAKOB presented its brand-new flange surface monitoring solution (working title ‘PLANKO’) based on ceramic resonators and waveguide structures which, in combination with radar electronic components, make it possible to precisely and reliably measure distances from 10 µm at turning speeds of up to 15,000 rpm.

This solution was further optimised in coordination with selected spindle and machine tool manufacturers. In the new sensor structure, the sensor path in the transition area is now replaced by a cable between the radial and axial holes. The critical machining dimensions of the deep, circular waveguides are consequently not necessary. The assembly process is also made easier, and the flexibility for various tool interfaces is ensured. The resonator is reduced to a minimum length and forms a compact electronics module with the cable and the connector, which fits perfectly into the prefabricated installation hole. The rotor signal is coupled by means of an antenna, while the other high-functioning electronics have been further miniaturised and can be integrated around the spindle nose.

More about PLANKO

OTT-JAKOB - Unternehmen - Bild - Development of innovative PLANKO technology

New: the ‘Long-life Clamping Technology’ label

There is more to OTT-JAKOB than meets the eye. Now and in the future. The technology leader OTT-JAKOB will demonstrate this from now on with its own technology label.

What long-life clamping technology means for our customers:

Innovative technologies which go far beyond mere clamping systems and which guarantee maximum safety and precision in the long term.

Top quality – this goes not only for our own products, but also for the machining process of the machine tool and its end product.

Maximum passion – during development, over the entire life cycles of our products and in personal service for years to come.



BIEMH in Bilbao

03 to 07 June
Hall 6 / Stand G-07

From 03 to 07 June the machine tool exhibition BIEMH will take place at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. As an international trade show, BIEMH offers visitors every two years an excellent information platform. The Spanish representation EUREX S.L. will showcase the OTT-JAKOB product range.

You can find more details about BIEMH at

IMTS in Chicago

09 to 14 September

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest technology trade show in North America featuring over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors. The 34rd edition is held from 09 to 14 September at McCormick Place. Advanced Machine Engineering Co. will be attending IMTS 2024 in representation of OTT-JAKOB.

You can find more details about IMTS at

AMB in Stuttgart

September 10th ~ 14th
Hall 6 / Stand A41

OTT-JAKOB will be appearing at the International Exhibition for Metal Working (AMB) from September 10th to 14th. AMB is held at the exhibition center Messe Stuttgart and with more than 1,000 exhibitors, is one of the top mechanical engineering trade fairs.

You can find more details about AMB at

JIMTOF in Tokyo

November 5th ~ 10th

The 32st edition of the Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) held at the exhibition center Tokyo Big Sight will take place from November 5th ~ 10th. In the machine tool industry, JIMTOF is considered the most important platform for introducing new products. At the FUKUDA Corporation booth, visitors can find out more about the product range of OTT-JAKOB.

You can find more details about JIMTOF at